Monday, April 29, 2013

7 Seconds of Yo Yo Chris

This is only 7 seconds, and this is going to be way more than 60 words, but I have to post it. I stepped off my first bus, this morning, and encountered a 50ish guy having a great time playing with a yo yo, on the corner of Judah and 46th ave. Not just any yo yo, but a Duncan Imperial.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I almost always have a yo yo with me, and that it's always a Duncan Imperial. You don't run into yo yo enthusiasts every day. I stopped and said, "Hey - I love a yo yo guy!" He smiled said, "Thanks..I AM a yo yo guy." I said, "And you have a Duncan Imperial. I never go anywhere without mine. I pulled mine out of my backpack, and Yo Yo guy, who looked really happy to have found a fellow yo yo lover said, "Cool! Would you like an extra string, just in case?" "I'd love an extra string, just in case," I answered. He proceeded to pull a little Moleskin book out of his back pocket. Between the pages were various colors of yo yo string. He gave me a green one. When I asked if I could film him for a bit, he was more than happy to oblige.  Then he introduced himself and we shook hands, and I had to catch the express bus, and be on my way.

Thanks for making my day, YoYo Chris on 46th and Judah! And thanks for the extra string, just in case.

- Lana

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